March 04, 2020

Here's Why You Should Try Influencer Marketing in 2020

Influencer Marketing is a relatively new approach for businesses to expand reach and promote their brand to new audiences.

Has your brand been struggling to make a real impact on social media?

You’re not alone.

Unlike traditional marketing, being a company on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online platform can be challenging. That’s because it’s hard for a business entity to be personable and friendly, without seeming disingenuous. Many businesses make the mistake of relying on social media posts that are too product-focused and… well, let’s face it, people get enough ads on their social apps already.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in. The most successful companies today use influencer marketing to promote their brand to customers on a more sincere, personal level.

Influencer marketing isn’t anything brand new — celebrities have been helping businesses sell products since the dawn of time. But, in light of this new era of social media, you don’t need to make Jennifer Aniston a brand ambassador in order to see your engagement and sales increase and your brand thrive.

What is Influencer Marketing, Exactly?

A social media influencer can be defined as anyone with a significant online following. Influencers engage with their audiences routinely, via a dedicated platform. When most people think of the word “influencer,” they often think of prominent Instagram users. However, many influencers share their content and interests on Youtube channels, twitter accounts, and even their own personal blogs. Though a small number of influencers are considered world-famous — think the Kardashian-Jenner clan — most of them aren’t but can still be crucial assets to your brand.

But why team up with an influencer to market your brand? Well, influencers are more than just online entertainment. They’re recognized by their audience as trendsetters and experts in their field of interest.

Influencers are able to generate a considerable online awareness for any product they touch and provide their viewers with useful information about their partnered brand, as well as why their viewers should interact with it too.

Why Incorporate Influencer Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Successful companies both large and small have partnered with influencers and reaped the benefits. When it comes to engagement and audience growth, influencer marketing has proven to be more effective than conventional social media ads. In a 2019 Influencer marketing report, roughly 84% of surveyed marketers said they believe the tactic to be successful. When consumers were asked about influencer marketing in a global marketing survey that same year, 87% claimed that they were motivated by an influencer to make a purchase. 31% of the same consumers also reported that they recommend influencers to friends and family at least once weekly

But why do influencers have such a powerful influence on today’s consumers? Here are the reasons why businesses and consumers alike are in love with this online marketing tactic.

Developing Trust

People follow influencers because they are more than just product reviewers. Influencers have worked hard to develop a strong bond with their target viewers. Their popularity depends heavily on their credibility and authenticity. This intimate viewer-creator relationship causes audience members to see influencers as trusted friends they can come to for great product recommendations. Think about it; you’d probably make your purchasing decision based on the suggestion of a friend, rather than an ad from a brand you’ve never seen before.

Better Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness can be difficult for small businesses. A large reach is possible but the cost of online marketing can add up pretty quickly. Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to generate brand awareness organically.

Teaming up with influencers works instantly to put your brand in front of hundreds of thousands, even millions of new consumers in an incredibly short amount of time. In one post, an influencer can tell your target audience about your brand and the products or services you have to offer. Influencers can also give a call-to-action, encouraging their viewers to head onto your website or social media to check you out.

Community Engagement

An influencer needs to keep their followers engaged in order to stay relevant. Great influencers understand this and have perfected ways on how to keep their attention. Answering frequently asked questions, creating new and exciting content, and being active in the comments section are all part of an influencer’s job. When you team up with an influencer, you can feel confident that they’ll create buzz around your brand with the same care.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Your brand isn’t for everyone — but that’s okay! You just need to reach customers within your niche. By targeting influencers with expertise and relevance in your market niche, you’ll be able to generate quality leads and guarantee yourself an outstanding ROI.

Take makeup artist and Instagram influencer Brenna Mazzoni, for example. Mazzoni is what marketers would consider a micro-influencer, meaning she has a smaller following of roughly 156 thousand. Though her follower count isn’t in the millions, her subscribers are highly engaged in the comments sections under her posts. Barecat, a CBD based skincare company, gave Brenna free products to try, as well as her own personal discount code to give to her followers.

Barecat selected Brenna based on two important factors: first, their product is marketed towards women, and Brenna’s following is comprised mostly of women. Second, Barecat needs influencers who can target health and beauty consumers. Brenna’s Instagram account is themed entirely around makeup, so she’s a perfect fit. By choosing her as an influencer, Barecat has effectively gained thousands of potential new customers that fit within their niche.

Better SEO

Google is ever-evolving and it knows the difference between informative content and in-your-face marketing — Google’s SERPs favor the former. Regardless of whether or not you have a product to sell, the content you send out into the internet needs to be relevant and helpful. If it’s not user-centric, it isn’t showing up at the top of the search results page.

Keyword strategies dominated the web marketing world for years. Now, thanks to unsavory black hat SEO tactics that reduced the quality of SERP results, Google’s new algorithm now uses engagement as a heavy indicator of whether or not a page is relevant. An established influencer can get you the customer engagement you need via CTAs and backlinks to your e-commerce website, all while creating informative content about your product that Google will favor. To the top of the SERPs you go!

Are you interested in finding influencers to promote your brand? Team up with PageRank Panda to grow your online audience in a more authentic and meaningful way. Contact our team today to get started on your new digital marketing strategy.