January 07, 2020

How to Take Advantage of Google's PAA Section

Getting featured in Google's "People Also Ask" snippet can help your business gain additional SERP relevance

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been the ultimate tool of today’s most popular websites to stay at the very top of Google’s SERPs. Initially, SEO was a relatively simple concept. As long as your content was SEO friendly, you’d rank high on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), meaning more clicks to your website. If you posted high-quality, well-organized content with the right keywords, you were sure to gain favor in Google’s search algorithm. Though great content is still necessary today, great optimization strategies are now as crucial as ever.

Google’s SERPs are constantly undergoing changes. Nowadays, you’ll find that any given SERP has new components like video suggestions, featured snippets, and sponsored content. However, the most head-spinning addition to SERP pages is the “People Also Ask” (PAA) box: a result section that answers questions related to a user’s initial search.

Some people may have negative initial perceptions about the PAA section. Website owners shake their fists at this page for potentially stealing from their high-ranking web results. A common misconception is that if a site ranks high on the SERP, the PAA box could provide links that could take clicks away from your relevant page.

However, quite the opposite is true—the PAA box provides traffic to high-SEO pages that have a lot to offer users. If your content is optimized correctly, this box should be helping your website too. If your pages aren’t showing up in this box, you might have some tweaking to do. Are you looking to land your content in the PAA box and bring more traffic to your website? Look no further than the box itself. Here’s how you can utilize Google’s PAAs to bring more users to your content.

Taking Advantage of PAAs

There are a number of ways your business can take advantage of Google’s PAA sections. If you implement the right strategies you will increase your clickthrough rates (CTR) and even end up on the PAAs themselves.

Create Usable Data

Marketers are often concerned about finding ways to appear above the PAA when they should really be using it as a tool. PAAs are the perfect places to check for questions that relate to your business. Is your website answering the questions provided on the page? Use PAA questions as guides for future content on your website. Consider using them to create a FAQ page—doing this can cover a wide base of questions that could show up on PAAs.

Use PAA Questions to Adjust Your Pages

Your website may already have tons of content that answer plenty of PAA questions. So, why aren’t your pages showing up in the PAA or the top of the SEO results?

If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s likely because the titles and headings of your content aren’t search engine optimized. Doing your homework on the most commonly asked questions related to your business can help you find new keywords that will work better to bring your website into view. By incorporating commonly asked questions to your content, you’ll be able to redirect more traffic to your site.

Answer PAA to Increase Your Featured Snippet Potential

As mentioned previously, it’s important to write meaningful content with major takeaways—it’s one of the elements that Google analytics searches for when compiling a list of content for users.

When creating your content, consider formatting your copy to a step-by-step guide or a Q&A list. Doing so increases the possibility that your content will be featured in a snippet at the top of the SERP.

Video Searches are Becoming More Relevant

Google is on a constant mission to provide the most valuable, relevant content so that their users have the best experience possible. Many SERPs now have sections that guide users to videos related to their search. This was once a feature separate from PAAs. Today, some PAAs can trigger video results, so long as the content is relevant and easy to follow. This is significant for many users, who prefer watching video content as opposed to conventional web copy.

Consider broadening your use of media to cast a wider net for consumers. AYoutube channelis an effective way to convey any useful information you have on your website. Many brands already utilize Youtube and other video platforms to answer commonly asked questions related to their business. Videos that answer “why” and “how” questions have the highest potential for PAA landings and CTRs.

How to Land Your Content in PAAs

It’s clear that PAAs offer plenty of opportunities for websites to fine-tune their content for improved SEO and more online traffic. However, it’s not enough to have all the right questions—you also need to know how to provide all the right answers.

Make Sure Your Information is Correct

As wonderful as it is to have a unique brand, your content needs to be informative and factual—this is the content that wins the favor of the PAAs. If the main purpose of your content is to push a product onto your viewers, your pages will be quickly outranked by other websites in your niche. A call-to-action where appropriate doesn’t hurt, but the main goal of your web articles should be to leave your readers with a useful answer.

When creating pages geared toward products and applications, it’s important to use plain, easily-digestible language that users can read casually. You should also divide your text into small paragraphs or bulleted lists. The focus is to provide useful information, not to write a novel.

Also, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to the ins and outs of your business. Many online businesses steer clear from discussing the cost of their products, especially when the price tag is high. Though the lack of information may entice some potential customers to call in and ask for a quote, you may be losing web traffic and a higher client count in the long run. If you don’t honestly disclose your pricing, another company will. Most importantly, don’t let price-shyness prevent you from getting into the PAA.

Use the PAA to Get Ahead

These tips will help you improve the chances of getting your website into the PAA section, and promote higher traffic for your online business. Not confident in writing CEO content that will land where you need it to?PageRank Panda can deliver the quality content your website needs to make it to the top of those SERPs.

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