October 23, 2019

Landing Pages, Why Your Company Needs One (or More!)

Why your company needs landing pages.

What is a Landing Page

Landing pages are pages of a website meant to generate interest, leads, and sales for your business. They are typically highly focused on converting users into customers using a strong Call To Action (commonly referred to as a CTA). This CTA is usually a button or form that initiates engagement between the user and your business. These pages can be considered the top of your digital marketing funnel. It’s primary objective should be to facilitate collecting information on your target market, acquiring contact information, and initiating a conversation.

Here is an example of a landing page:

screenshot of landing page

Notice the clean layout, the low information density, and multiple call to actions. We have one CTA “Call Now”, and another CTA which provides a form a user can use to receive a free estimate. This is a great example for how a landing page can drive leads for your business.

Visually Appealing, Lightweight Content

The content on your landing page should be slightly different from your traditional home page. Instead of focusing on conveying information about your business, you should focus on describing what your team or product can do for the customer. Describe to the user how using your product/service will help improve their business in one or more ways.

This page should be designed to have a low bounce rate. Draw the user in with a slick, custom design, and a strong call to action.

Do you need a landing page?

If you’re having trouble generating leads for your business on line, creating a landing page can be a great way to improve your SEO, learn about your customers, and engage with them.

The perfect time to creating a landing page is when you are starting to advertise for your business online. This landing page provides the perfect “entry point” to your offering to potential customers. A landing page associated with a particular campaign also allows you to tie the content of the page specifically towards a particular ad campaign. This approach should reduce bounce rate as the ad seen by the user acts as a filter for customers. Only interested customers should click your ad. If an interested customer clicks your ad an does not “convert” (provide information or contact you) then it is possible the content of your ad or landing page require some changes.

How can I create one?

PageRank Panda is here to help! We offer an affordable Custom Landing Page for only $199. At this price point, you can experiment with multiple landing pages to see which design users respond to best.

To get started, we will need the following from you:

  • Your website URL
  • Access to website and hosting server
  • Provide images and text for us to use
  • Tell us what you want users to do (e.g. “provide an email address to contact them”)
  • A rough wireframe, sketch, or link to an existing landing page that you like

Once we have this information, we will deliver the following:

  • Final Landing Page assets
  • Two rounds of revisions included
  • HTML/JS/CSS files loaded directly to your host
  • Integrated Contact Form
  • Optional: Installed analytics/conversion code (if you provide one)
  • Optional: Matching “thank you” page (if you want one)

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