May 02, 2019

New Services Announcement!

Bringing some fresh new services to help you spruce up your web presence this Spring! New services include, Social Media Management for multiple accounts and a new service to fully automate blog posting for your website.

Every so often we find new opportunities to add new services to help our customers grow. This time we have some great new ideas that should help reduce the amount of time you spend running social media and your company website.

Social Media Management Updates!

For a while now, we’ve offered a Social Media Management service which allows us to help you manage a social media account for you. Many of our customers love the service, but were asking for an option to delegate multiple social media accounts to Pagerank Panda. Well, we were listening and now we have some great new service offerings to share! Our expert social media managers will now offer to handle one, two, three, or even four social media accounts for you. Imagine how much time this will save! These services include the following:

  1. Social Media Management for one or more accounts
  2. Your choice of social network(s): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  3. A dedicated social media account manager
  4. Ability to view and request edits to content prior to posting
  5. 5 posts published per week
  6. Responses to any direct messages, and flagging of inappropriate comments
  7. Suggestions for profile optimization (if necessary)
  8. Engagement and analytics report, once or twice monthly (upon request)
  9. One consultation call, if necessary.

Social Media Management (Two Accounts) - $249/month

This service is meant for businesses who use two primary social media accounts. For example, many businesses focus primarily on Facebook and Twitter. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck as Pagerank Panda can now manage these accounts for you on the cheap.

Social Media Management (Three Accounts) - $349/month

If two social accounts isn’t enough for you, take a look at our service to handle three of them! Maybe you’re interested in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? You can choose the three services that matter most to you.

Social Media Management (Four Accounts) - $449/month

Our ultimate Social Media Management package. For the reasonable price of $449 per month we will manage your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

On the fence?

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, but would like to see it in action first you can check out the free trial of our single Social Media Management plan here. If you don’t like it, you can cancel in a couple of clicks before the end of the 7-day free trial!

Blog Service Updates

Here at PRP we dedicate ourselves to saving you the most time. If you aren’t aware, we have a number of services dedicated to helping you create fresh content for your website. These include things like weekly/monthly blog posts, e-mail newsletters, and even a full e-book! With our new service addition we wanted to save you even more time, and fully automate the blog posting process.

Automated Blog Posting

Our new blog posting add-on is an add-on to one of our weekly/monthly blogging packages. The goal is for us to completely manage the content creation and the blog posting process for you. As mentioned, our goal is for you to run your business and let us take care of your blog. Just to recap, here is a list of blog posting services available to work with the blog posting add-on:

  1. Monthly Blog Post (500 Words) - $89/month
  2. Monthly Blog Post (1K Words) - $179/month
  3. Weekly Blog Post (500 Words) - $299/month
  4. Weekly Blog Post (1K Words) - $599/month

To recap, this means that we will completely take your weekly/monthly blogging responsibilities and save you time. Time is money, after all.

Is that All?

For now these are the new service offerings. Looking for something that we don’t offer? Feel free to contact our team on social media with your suggestions!